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Finding a Cure




Forward motion with BRCA2 research as University of Michigan researchers solve another riddle in BRCA2 gene mutation; the MEILB2 protein.  This discovery (thanks U of M) is groundbreaking for BRCA2 which also shows a link with infertility.  BRCA2 works to repair DNA breaks within cells.  BRCA2 mutations may cause faulty DNA repair which increase cancer risk. BRCA2 proteins also play a role in the repair of DNA breaks during meiosis by which eggs and sperm are made. The specific problem starts with the crossover process where chromosomes are broken apart, mixed and put back together and where MEILB2 protein facilitates the repair. MEILB2 should only be found in cells that have undergoing meiosis, but now they are finding this protein in cancer cells. When this happens DNA can not be prepared properly.  The full article is here


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