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The AfterMATH

As featured on the Breast Cancer Art Project ( ) some of my insights on life after "active treatment."This collection called “The Aftermath”-creates awareness on life post breast cancer.

"Organic Femininity..Killing Me," (Organic lemongrass on black).

"Discombobulated," (Chalk on Black)

Life after breast cancer.

"Pharma Dilema," (Chalk on Black)

For many of us we have to block our estrogen at a young age ..with daily pills and monthly injections (in the stomach). These have terrible side effects like “morning claw foot” as well as feeling like you have lost your femininity (the little you have left after having your breasts removed). Many people think that after active treatment you can go back to your life… but the truth is that you are still dealing with treatment years after chemo, radiation and surgery. The daily hormone blocking therapy is almost worse.

"Dichotomy - Lioned Toothed Weeds or Golden Bursts of Sunshine" (Chalk on Black)

This piece identifies with the dichotomy of emotions that many women face with breast cancer, specifically hormone blocking. With ER+ breast cancer, oncologists view the ovaries as "weeds" and want to suppress them or remove them to stop estrogen production. Patients often feel that their ovaries are their last bit of femininity and want to guard them with all their might, knowing that they don't just produce estrogen but support our bodies on a holistic level. Dandelions fight a similar battle - often suppressed by poison, or removed by force or in other cases admired and loved and embraced for their healing and powerful qualities.

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