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The AC&T Regimen

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

After hearing the news that I was re-stage to 3B, I decided to move forward with treatment at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Cisplatin - a platinum based chemotherapy is currently being used in clinical trials in the USA..and this was what I REALLY wanted. However, after my PET scan results and hearing that more lymph are affected, we chose the AC&T route. I will start bi-weekly sessions on the 10th of April for 4 cycles. After the AC portion, I move to Taxol which will be weekly for eight cycles. So a total of 16 weeks - GULP.

If anyone knows me, this scares the begeebers out of me...I rarely take medicine, I usually use essential oils, herbs and having chemo via a port is my worst nightmare. My plan is to let the chemo do its work, then push the chemo out as fast as possible with water... From the wise breast cancer warriors, I hear this is the secret.

There is also research showing that fasting is effective - 48 hours before chemo and then a few days after. I want to do this, but also a bit nervous for my first session. I don't want any complications, but also don't want these chemicals lingering in my body.

I keep thinking that the people who run to Tijuana to get healed may be on to chemo just doesn't seem like it should STILL be the answer..and why can't we just target these cells?!?! Why my entire body?

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May 31, 2018

Well jeez Allie. Thank you so much for bringing me along on your journey. I have a story for you. My sister in law was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that went to the lungs. She decided to forgo chemo and go with an experimental drug that was pushed through the fda because of its positive results. Bristol Meyer offered to pay her medical for the rest of her life if she would be a volunteer for the drug Opdivo, a cousin to the drug that cured Jimmy Carters brain cancer. She decided to do it. She was treated and her body was ravaged for 2 years. She has been diagnosed as NED. No evidence of disease for over…

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