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The Nor'easter: Boston

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 a Nor'easter approached was pretty calm and deceiving compared to the frozen apocalyptic ones in the past. This reflected a bit of what I was going through...preparing for the worse but breezing by in a calm, cool and collected manner. I headed to "the appointment" on the red line to see Dr. Snider at Biocare Diagnostics.

Typically the US medical system is frustrating and inefficient . If you need a scan you need a referral from your primary care, you then need to get the scan (by a technician), have the scan read by a radiologist and then meet with a specialist to get the results. If you need a biopsy you are looking at another appointment and another wait. This can take weeks if not months.

“The stress of waiting for results takes a toll on the mental health of women.”-Dr. Snider

Biocare Diagnostics

Dr. Snider at Biocare Diagnostics runs a "one-stop-shop" for diagnosing breast issues. Not only does he provide professional and thourough consultations that included state of the art imaging. He has the ability to do biopsies and guarantee results in 24 hours.

During my consultant he quickly realized that there was a need for 3D imaging which led to three biopsies. Two were done on my left breast and the third was a lymph node where he noticed an unusual cell wall during the ultrasound.

Originally, we planned to speak in the afternoon, but I missed his call, so I decided to get my haircut. Around 7PM he texted me, I stood outside the salon in my Aveda smock as he told me the results. The connection was bad as I was using Skype, so I asked him if I could call him back from the hotel and dial in my husband who was in Senegal. For the moment, I didn't process it, I finished getting my haircut, grabbed a taxi to the hotel. Called my husband and broke the news and then called Dr. Snider back.

All three biopsies confirmed invasive ductal carcinoma. One of the biopsies was from a lymph node which complicates everything.

When Dr. Snider called me, he was on vacation, he told me that it was his #1 priority to get me connected to care. He not only took time to educate me on the diagnosis but he called my husband and spoke doctor to doctor about the next steps. I am so thankful for Dr. Snider, I truly believe that I would have been stuck in the cycle of "wait and see" for awhile if I wouldn't have been referred to him.

Ladies - voice your demands or they will not be heard! Invasive ductal carcinoma often does not show up on a regular mammogram. Since my diagnosis I have heard this story OVER and OVER again. If I would have just done a mammogram and and ultrasound I would have been sent away my issues did not raise any eyebrows...except those of Dr. Snider. Huge shout out to this man for dedicating his life to the health of women...forever grateful.

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