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Three more cycles left - I am almost off the hook, I even started getting white fuzz on top of my head. Then as I am getting ready to go out on a date with my husband, I notice that half of my eyebrow has gone missing. I started noticing that it was disappearing but it was like it just packed up and left one day and hitched a ride out of town without telling me. I actually feel more devastated about the sudden departure of my brow (yes - just one of them) than I do about my hair.

I keep thinking the worst is over - chemo has got to be the worst things anyone can go thru in terms of cancer. I am still hanging in there strong, with few complications, but just tired of being on this endless road that is filled with hills and potholes. Everything just seems more difficult lately, work is stressful and I am having a hard time managing, exercise is harder, finance is harder (as the bills are kicking in), motivation is lacking and now my eyebrow is missing.

I don't really know when to expect my brow to come back, I just hope that it does and that day is soon. The next big days for me are August 22nd (PET scan to determine my surgical plan) - Aug 23 - results and final chemo and then August 24th to join my family in France to celebrate the end of chemo. I will also have a surgical evaluation in France just to triple check our decisions and plan for the next hump which is surgery in the beginning of October.


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