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The Cang-over

Three days post chemo are similar to the worst hangover you have ever had in your life. It could be similar to partying with the Rolling Stones all night and then having someone drop you off in a hot desert without water for 3 days (hence the desert photo). The first night, I couldn't sleep because of the steroids, so I was wired all day and had a headache with severe thirst. No mater how much water I drank, I could not satiate my thirst. At one point a begged my husband for a saliva transplant as it was the only thing that I thought would fix my thirst!! I was slightly nauseated, but managed this with acupuncture and didn't have any episodes of vomiting. The next afternoon the injection to increase my WBC count created severe bone pain in my major bones. Hot packs and yoga helped but at one point I started having flashbacks of childbirth. The next day was followed by a reaction to a drug a took where my BP dropped to 90/50 and I felt like I would pass out with each step. It then followed with brain fog that would not lift - I had an emotional breakdown where I thought I was getting brain damage from chemo and would never be normal again. It took me a few days to realize that it was the drug from the clinical trial, which I have now stopped and all side effects have disappeared.

I couldn't eat the first 3 days after chemo, the only thing that saved me was my mothers home made organic chicken soup (thank you mama)!

On Monday 5 days post chemo - I ate a really greasy hangover type meal and started feeling normal again. I gained back the 10 pounds I lost the first week and started re-populating my body via nutrition. No sugar, no alcohol and organic fresh food. I wake up each morning do yoga before work and focus on my gut and try and repopulate it with probiotics - I make a smoothy with greek yogurt, omega 3's, pomegranate seeds, aloe vera juice, flax seed and a probiotic blend with Kale.

My only issue this week with my blood counts were Calcium, which was low. The goals for next treatment will be to raise the CA levels and keep the rest of my counts stable.

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