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The words "complete metabolic response" have a new definition for me. Not only does it mean the the chemo did its job, but it means I get a second chance at life and will hopefully never have to tolerate chemo again. As per my PET scan I am cancer free! [Insert backflip here].

I wish this meant that I could get out of surgery and radiation but sadly the protocol and my BRCA status mean that I need to continue. I am scheduled for surgery on September 20th where I will undergo a left mastectomy and removal of my port (YAY). Prior to the surgery I will have a sentinel lymph injection to double check that all the cancer is gone. Regardless, they will take the six nodes that originally had cancer. I am. hoping that that is all they will take as the more nodes that are removed, the higher chance for lymphoma and complications. An expander will be inserted to preserve my tissue for reconstruction which will happen in March/April 2019. There is about a six week recovery and after this I will move into the radiation phase.

I need to come out of this surgery with only six nodes removed and then focus on recovery and make decisions around my estrogen. Since my cancer was estrogen positive, I need to block my estrogen - either a pharmaceutical and/or removal of my ovaries. Lots to think

about. I am also looking into naturopathic treatments to see if there is anything less invasive.

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