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The Surgeryx2

After healing from a left mastectomy and two lymph node removals, the last thing you want to hear is that you have to be on the table again in a week. Yup...I was the lucky 5% of people who have negative pathology during surgery and upon further investigation they found residual cancer. Which means I get to go back on Tuesday for a level I and Potential level II lymph dissection on my left axillary area.

I am scared, as I don't want to have lymphedema - I have faith in my all female surgical team and know that what they are doing will prolong my life, but I am going into this fearful for my life after this surgery.

I just recovered from a full week of being down, where my husband and family took care of me. I had a drain in my arm for 7 days, and pain from the mastectomy and expander insertion. The entire family has been supporting my recovery, even the kids. On Sunday, my son wanted a cinnamon roll, and I told him of a secret place where you can find the best cinnamon rolls in Minnesota. Since Steph was sleeping we decided that I could attempt a cinnamon roll run (driving with one arm) if the kids could help me bathe and get dressed. This was 3 days post surgery, so Etienne turned the bath on, and washed my back and helped me put my pants on. He kept saying, "you just have to drive mama." Armelle packed my purse into her purse since I am not allowed to carry anything and we headed to the garage. At that point, my husband heard us and decided to come with....this was super lucky as I don't think that I could have driven back and forth from the cafe. They continued to do this all week and now that I am finally feeling recovered, I get to do it all over next week. Breast cancer just keeps on giving - we will know rearrange our plans again so that Steph can be here for this surgery.

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