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The Taxol

Taxol is a plant based alkaloid that comes from the Pacific Yew Tree, it blocks cancer cell growth by stopping cell division resulting in cell death. It is infused into a vein via port over the course of 1 hour.

4 cycles of Taxol down and 8 cycles left; it is a test of endurance as the cycles are now weekly, but they are much easier than AC. The first cycle includes injections of Benadryl, Pepsid and Steroids to ensure that your body doesn't reject the chemo. The Benadryl hits hard and makes your really tired, the steroids kick in and you are wired, so it is an ugly combination. The good news, is that I am med free after the infusion, and I have dose reduced all pre-meds as much as possible.

My hemoglobin and white blood cells were really low last week, but this week my counts were up. I think my modifications to my smoothy are now kicking in and I hope I can maintain my counts. I added Kale and Broccoli to it, along with a plant based iron and this seems to be helping.

In general, my quality of life is much better on Taxol - I can eat and I feel almost normal after a day or so. Scary aspects are the neuropathy, so I am doing what I can to prevent it. Cryoptherapy during the infusion ,acupuncture later in the week and infusions of alpha lipoid acid. I am also fasting 48 hours before each session.

My hair has not started to grow back, but I still have my eyebrows and lashes...if I can keep them I will be happy.

Steph and I went to Calistoga last weekend and enjoyed biking thru vineyards, mud baths and soaks in the mineral was a much needed getaway from all this cancer business. It was also our first trip without the was such a blast.

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